Facebook Now to Introduce ‘Snooze Button’

Posted on 03. Nov, 2017 by in internet, Traffic, Traffic Generation Tips



Facebook undoubtedly is the leading one among all the existing social media in this technology based age. But, it is also true that Facebook’s popularity started to fall a little bit due to such existing huge apps and competition. That’s the reason Facebook now introduces new ‘Snooze Button’ to secure its position in the existing competitive market.
There are huge Facebook users who usually share almost everything belonging to their daily life in Facebook timeline that sometimes causes other’s disturbance. And considering this issue, Facebook is now about to introduce ‘Snooze Button’ through which a user can make any person or post snoozed in Facebook.
Facebook has already started testing this new feature, according to a report published
in TechCranch. So, now no user needs to get tensed about his or her friends’ irritating posts.

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