How to Open US Virtual Bank Account Online Free (Checking VBA + VCC)

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How to Open US Virtual Bank Account Online Free (Checking VBA + VCC)

Payoneer US Bank account service - Create virtual US bank account free online

Open Virtual Bank Accounts: US ACH, SEPA, BCAS

In a previous article, I showed all steps to get a free prepaid debit MasterCard with $25 bonus. It’s with Payoneer. Payoneer is an online payment processing service which allows you to withdraw your earnings easily using its debit card.

Here we will use Payoneer to open a virtual US bank account online. Below are some advantages that you will receive after you have a virtual US bank account or a free online bank account which will be able to receive money from anywhere in any time.

Why Open a Bank Account Online? ~
The Importance of Virtual Bank Accounts


Ability of receiving your online earnings

I know many of you are freelancers, bloggers, online marketers and online merchants. You may want to sell your product to US people, affiliate with US companies such as ClickBank, Amazon, ShareASale, Godaddy and receive your Adsense earnings quickly. Not only you can withdraw your earnings directly from your local ATM machine where Mastercard is acceptable using Payoneer debit card, but also does within a short span of time.

If you are from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nigeria, you might know that to receive checks from some USA and European companies, it takes weeks and months. But by creating a free US bank account, you can speed up this important process; receiving money fast. And also many US companies prefer to send payments to their members who use a US bank account. It’s quick and easy!

Now from recently Payoneer introduced global payment service,not only you’ll get US bank account but you’ll also get UK and Germany bank accounts for free…and it is not all,one more new thing is now you can withraw money to your bank account in your country..yep that is it….collect money to UK,US and Germany bank accounts and transfer it to your bank account in your country or withraw it with master card.

You can use it with stripe,paypal ..etc and this is expecually important for users whose countries are not supported by some you can easily collect money and transfer it to your bank.

USA Virtual bank account as a supplement for Paypal withdraw

If you’re from Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nigeria and you are a freelancer, content marketer, service broker or an internet marketer, you may be suffering from the problem of “PayPal is not supported“. As a Sri Lankan, I know the importance of having a full-verified and limitless PayPal account (that can send and receive money).

If you are from such a country where PayPal withdraw is impossible and think you can use virtual bank account for Paypal verification, then you should first be notified that you can’t use Payoneer or any other US virtual bank account for PayPal verification. Because, it is just an online checking bank account, NOT a saving account which can be used to link bank account to PayPal.

But, the US bank account from Payoneer, Inc is a good complementary for PayPal to get money from American companies and other European companies. I use Payoneer to withdraw my earnings in ShareASale, Themeforest etc.

Receive money from US,UK and EU banks

This is another advantage you receive when you get an American,Uk and EU bank account. It doesn’t take weeks or months to receive your earnings to your hand. Payoneer automatically adds up your US bank money to your Payoneer account. So whenever you receive any payment to your virtual bank account, you can withdraw it from your local ATM machine.

Create your own website and sell your products

2checkout is a supported US company for Payoneer US bank payment service. So you don’t have to worry about the money processing step in your money making funnel. Just set up your 2checkout account and let it do other things.

To open a US bank account online, you don’t have to be a US resident. Everyone can create a United States virtual bank account. But there are some conditions. You should explain why you want to get virtual USbank account. In other way, you should prove that you are a real online marketer and you will use the Payoneer US bank payment service to send and receive payments. (in simple words, for business affairs.)

To do that, you have to affiliate with a US company. I haven’t any problem in this case. I have already affiliated with some companies that support for Payoneer US bank payment service.

The bank name could be different as the US company and your luck! If you applied for US bank payment service through Infolinks, there are more chances to get a Bank of America account. Also, you would receive a First century bank or CITI bank account. It doesn’t matter what type of virtual bank account you receive. It’s about How do you get a virtual US banking account with debit card free of cost. ?

So Here is the step by step tutorial you should follow in order to open an USA virtual bank account for non US residents.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Opening a Bank Account Online

We are going to create an virtual US bank account in a different way. To verify your application and earn some money, I have created a step by step guide.

Don’t worry. Everything are clear and you will not be confused in any step. Just follow them step by step.

Don’t skim or ignore any step. Because, if you get anything wrong, you have less chances to get the virtual US bank account again. Almost No possibilities. Are you ready to set up bank account online today for free? So let’s move on…

Note From Chamal

This method takes some time. I recommend you to bookmark this page. So you can visit this page again whenever you want easily. Press “CTRL + D” to bookmark this page. For more information about this method to get virtual bank accounts, please read frequently asked questions (FAQ) or post your questions in the discussion section.

Step #1: Become a Blogger

If you asked me How I got my application approved easily and quickly, it’s because this blog.

Yes, having a website or blog is something like you’re a real online marketer. So, here I will show you how starting a blog will help in getting a few virtual bank accounts, plus making money online.

  • Payoneer welcome webmasters who run real businesses online. (ex: you promote affiliate products online)
  • You can build a portfolio where you can promote your freelance job.
  • You can share your knowledge with others and get more attention.
  • You can build your personal brand online so get more direct and indirect sales to your business.
  • Run a custom online marketplace for services you promote on Freelance networks. (ex: freelance writing)
  • You can sell your own products online. (ex: eBook, video course,)

The benefits are enormous when you have a blog. In fact, having a own website is essential if you want to make money online even through internet marketing, freelance working, eCommerce website.

So, how do you start a blog online?

You can easily start a blog within next 15 minuets.

The basic steps which are involved in making a blog are;

  1. Select a domain and Choose a web hosting.
  2. Install WordPress and create your blog necessary elements.
  3. Add content.


#1: Select a doamin and Choose a web hosting service

There are hundreds of web hosting services. Many are come today and disappear tomorrow types. Anyway i am going to reveal my most recommended web hosting for startup.

In fact, I first started my WordPress blogging career on there. (If you don’t know WordPress is the most popular self-hosted blogging platform.)

So, what is my recommended web hosting service?


You can start with cpanel start package but I recomend cPanel unlimited plan on yearly plan,you will pay it only 30$/year.

#2: Install WordPress and start your blog.

Installing WordPress on Nelsahost just only take a few minutes (under 15 minutes).

After you checkout and pay for hosting service account will be activated and details will be emailed to you,after you log in to cPanel you will find Softaculous auto installer  and also you will see featured application you can install without even open softaculous,now select wordpress from control panel directly or open softaculous and than under blogs select wordpress(it doesn0t metter which aproach you will will get you on same place).

Now after you have selected wordpress you will be redirected to installation page,there you just have to fill few fields and click install.You will have to set administration email,username and password….and also you’ll have to select url and directory where wordpress would be installed,by default is selected in url and wp in directory .If you leave his as it is wordpress will be installed at hhtp://,if you want to be installed at just leave directory field empty.

#3: Add Content

The third step of creating a blog is adding content to your blog. If you make money freelance working such as writing articles or selling products/services online, then you can show your services on your blog.

Your ultimate goal should be get virtual bank accounts. So, by showing as you’re a real online marketer, you can get a US virtual bank account very easily.

Now after creating your blog, move to next step: becoming an affiliate for companies. You can skip this step if you’re already have a online business or an affiliate of any kind of US, UK or European company.

But, I recommend you to follow step two as well.

Step #2: Become an Affiliate on Payoneer Supported US and European Companies

The first step you need to follow is become an affiliate on a few major US and EU companies or if you sell own service/product than use your US,UK or Germany account with Stripe or PayPal payment processors and withraw money to payoneer than from payoneer to your bank account or withraw at ATM.Remeber now you ca sign up with payment processors that only support US,UK ir EU companies like stripe,paypal flow..etc

Go and sign up for payoneer account at

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